Networking & Professional Platform on Engineering: IEEE

The article is my expression in a way of being IEEE member and how I feel about it. The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers – IEEE has mission statement as “to purpose is to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity.”

The last couple decade, the technology has been rapidly achieved growth and still on. All we are, as technology seekers, trying to be adapted to new challenges and to be fitted new technological development that surrounds us. The humanity can be considered as two different divergent paths such as innovation makers and the others. But both have united in one common purpose: to make the life easier. The technology and its development are slightly related in supply and demand gap. On contrary, scientists and researchers do not consider supply & demand relation, they always been obliged to look after efficiency in their subject to make it more reliable and useful. A subject is mostly oriented in human benefit. And in my opinion, IEEE refers itself as a great tool to work on benefit of human development.

IEEE sets the people to share their innovative ideas and supports to bring their ideas into real. In this large global organisation, people can get engaged with their profession and find their guru to establish their insights.

As a platform of IEEE can reveal in many people life and touch their each brilliant ideas with enhancing the base on the other minds. In this argument, you can get connected with people whom are a part of IEEE and you can bring the new idea in a technical way of your statement within consuming past, present and future arguments in IEEE data base. In this, the biggest engineering organisation, you are not just going to improve your ideas, even going to feel happiness just being a part of it!

In brief, if you would like to get involved in this technological development movement, go and be a part of IEEE, you should start your membership and set the future. As a fact quote from 2016 IEEE President is, Barry L. Shoop, “Leadership is about setting the conditions for others to succeed.

Get Started: IEEE Website Link #IEEE #Ambassador of 2016


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