A Cycle of What!

“Once you get there, you need to hold it!”, that phrase reminds me simply a life. In the first step of my early career, I had some of the concerns of a job that I was willing to do. However, once I faced with difficulties of a job, I tried to get in there and to make sure doing a right thing. Eventually, success became later on.

In a manner of getting yourself ready for the business is a hard milestone that you need to reveal. It is not just related to adaptation process for overall; it contains 3 elements as adaptation, evaluation and operation processes.

Picture is taken from this slide: http://www.business2community.com/marketing/4-stages-effective-lead-generation-process-01297359#ZKEZaL3PYE8it80e.97

In adaptation process, you need to analysis your job with the basics and the details of. Trying to understand the business, to emphasize the content of the job are the main topics that should be considered in the very first beginning.

Once you started researching and have some of the conclusions regardless meaningful or not, you will sense the evaluation part has already in progress. At this part, there will be many questions and answers. Even there will be plenty of confusion for those. Do not worry about that!! You have just jumped to the phase of evaluation! As nature of the job, you need to turn yourself up to what’s becoming. Then you will be ready for the last part: being operational.

When you have progressed of the content of the job, you need to keep going to reach the other milestone, even need to add new ones to keep you and the requirements to be updated.

continuous_improvementThere are some of the key elements once you establish the steps of being operational. Such as defining criteria, making a proper plan, tracking of a plan, critical thinking, timing, meeting with the requirement, re-analysis, re-test and keeping updated. Those elements can be considered as the cycle of the project or just one of the jobs you proceed.

Being operational and keeping it up are not an easy going processes that you should pay attention mostly. Consultancy and additional requirements will come up later on. You need to have a buffer in your project plan or schedule of the job, to take into account of. Preparation of the additions and the flexibility of your current planning will define how you would well be organized in the job, sector, life… That will be also the parameter of the success once you finalize the request within an order of the plan and the time. According to the business volume and the scope of the project/job, related opportunities will come forward. Respect and satisfaction will be the additions.

In brief, you need to work hard to reach success. There are many elements and variances depending on your activity. Determination and acting are the structure of simply the life that can be applied in each kind of segment for overall processes.

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